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TreesUpstate on YouTube

  • 2018 Summer Video – Why Trees?
  • 2017 Summer Video – TreesUpstate Documentary
  • 2016 – Forever Green Awards Video
  • Making a Proper Pruning Cut
  • Pruning Tools
  • Watering Trees
  • Mulching Tutorial
  • How to Select Quality Nursery Stock
  • Pruning:  Why, What, When
  • TreesUpstate Testimony:  from Robert E. Cashion Elementary
  • TD Tree Days
  • Turkey Day 8k


What to Plant

Before You Plant

Recommended Local Nurseries

  • Lichtenfelt Nurseries
  • South Pleasantburg Nursery
  • Martin Nursery

How to Plant

Plant with TreesUpstate


Why Plant Trees

Promote – Teacher Resources

TreesUpstate Companion Curriculum, Sponsored by Michelin N.A.

This is a K-12 curriculum written by a Greenville County Curriculum Instructor.  There is at least one lesson for each subject and each grade level.  All lesson plans are aligned with SC Curriculum Standards.

It is password protected:  Teachers

That’s the password.

If you are a teacher and would like to download our FREE curriculum, please call (864-313-0765) or email us for the password:


Download our Tree Care Standards Poster

Tree Keepers

Planting & Mulching / Aplicar el Mulch / Poda

Tree Care