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Apply today for our Tree Planting Program!


We purchase 15 gallon trees from local nurseries and organize volunteer or educational tree planting opportunities. Volunteers are trained on International Society of Arboriculture tree planting standards on site. Students learn about the importance of trees and participate in planting one tree during school hours. Our planting season is during the winter months from mid-October to mid-March. 

Site Design

  • Meet our staff on site to tour area and discuss goals of tree planting project.
  • Species Availability 2019-2020
  • Final planting plans including “x” marks the spot and the species to be planted must be approved by the site partner.

Tree Planting

  • Student Tree Planting
    • Elementary School Level, 1-6 trees, 1-6 classes
    • Middle School Level, 3-12 trees, 1-4 classes
    • High School Level, 4-12 trees, 1-4 classes
  • Replacement Tree Planting
    • Tree planting location must be clear of old stump before tree planting date
  • Volunteer Tree Planting
    • Weekday, 1-16 trees
    • Saturday morning, 17-25 trees


  • June 30, 2020: Priority Applications for October 2020-March 2021 Planting Season Due
  • Year Round: Rolling Applications Accepted
  • April – July, 2020: Site visits
  • May 1 – August 31, 2020: Confirm a date on our tree planting calendar
  • June 30, 2020: Deadline to submit DFK (Greenville County Schools only)
  • August 31, 2020: Deadline to approve final site plan
  • October 1, 2020: Tree Planting Season begins


TreesUpstate donates and plants trees at parks where funding for trees is limited. We frequently work with Greenville County Parks and Recreation, as well as Spartanburg County and municipalities within Greenville County. We are slowly expanding into the upstate counties of Pickens, Oconee, and Anderson. Funding requests for trees at parks are on a sliding scale.


Any school located in Greenville or Spartanburg County can apply to partner with TreesUpstate on a School Tree Planting. Trees are provided FREE to schools.  All we ask is that you recognize us as a Community Partner- the full cost to TreesUpstate to plant one tree is $250.  We also require our site partners to water the trees for 2 years to ensure survival. However, if watering trees is an obstacle for your school, we encourage you to apply for our program anyways, and we will work with you to come up with a watering solution.

Interested in planting trees at your school? Apply through our interest form. We recommend applying between April and August to secure a spot in our October – March calendar.

We plant trees with volunteers on Saturday mornings or after school. We also plant trees with students during the school day on Wednesdays:

  • Elementary School Level, 1-6 trees, 1-6 classes (45 minutes per class)
  • Middle School Level, 3-12 trees, 1-4 classes (50+ minutes per class)
  • High School Level, 4-12 trees, 1-4 classes (50+ minutes per class)

Due to the high volume of our educational planting requests, each school only qualifies for one educational tree planting per year. Every student in the class has an opportunity to participate in the tree planting process at our student planting events, and our staff teaches the proper planting techniques as well as the benefits of trees.


TreesUpstate partners with Greenville County Redevelopment Authority to coordinate Neighborwoods trees plantings on private property in LMI neighborhoods. Neighborhoods must be partnered with Greenville County Redevelopment Authority or Habitat for Humanity and have a minimum of 12 participating residents to qualify. Our staff meets with residents to select the right tree for the right place, and volunteers plant the trees on a Saturday morning.

Interested in planting trees in your neighborhood, but you don’t qualify? Check out our Energy Saving Tree giveaway program or contact us to see how we can help provide technical support for your project.


TreesUpstate plants trees in greenspaces along riparian buffers to protect our watershed. In floodplains and floodways, trees help absorb and filter runoff. Many of our greenspace plantings are reforestation projects with 3 gallon trees. We partner with Save our Saluda and Friends of the Reedy River to accomplish these goals.


TreesUpstate donates trees to other nonprofits.

Tree Donations

Not looking for a tree planting but just a tree? Check out our Energy Saving Trees giveaway program. If that doesn’t meet your needs, contact us to ask about your project at a park, school, neighborhood, or greenspace.


Tree Care Grant

TreesUpstate offers limited tree care for sites where we have donated and planted trees. TreesUpstate recommends applying for a tree care grant 2-3 years after a tree planting event. Our goal is to help establish young trees to set them up to reach maturity healthily and continue to offer environmental, social, economic, and public health benefits.

  • Tool Rental
  • Mulch Donation
  • Fertilizer Donation
  • Pruning Workshop
  • Summer Tree Care Weekday Volunteer Event
    • Mulching & pruning (within ground reach) any trees on site
    • TreesUpstate crew provides volunteer training, tools, & coordination

Application Coming Soon for Summer 2021