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TreesUpstate provides free technical support to schools, nonprofits, LMI neighborhood associations, and county/municipality staff.  We also provide Arborist Services for a fee.

Technical Support Services we provide include:

  • Hands on staff training for tree installation and care
  • Workshops on ANSI A300 and Z60.1 Standards
  • Custom tailored workshops on Best Management Practices
  • Custom workshop series at your site for all of your staff
  • Specifications for BMP’s
  • Provide specifications for soil preparation, nursery stock, tree installation, tree care
  • Nursery Stock selection
  • Tree ID
  • Tree care evaluations and recommendations for mitigation and improvement
  • Forest restoration
  • Reforestation
  • Invasives
  • Plan review (e.g., site plans, landscape plans, species lists, specifications, general landscape notes)
  • Tree Planting and Care: Quality Control

If you would like to learn more, please contact Joelle Teachey at 864-313-0765 or

Corporate Partners

A benefit of Corporate Partnership is 1 to 4 hours of technical support depending on your partnership level.  See our list of current Corporate Partners.