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About Us

TreesUpstate, formerly known as TreesGreenville, is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. Our mission is to plant, promote, and protect trees in the Upstate.

We plant trees in parks, schools, and neighborhoods.

We promote the benefits of trees.

We protect by providing education and technical support to help inform policies and systems change.

TreesUpstate has planted and given away more than 16,000 trees!  Help us plant and maintain more trees.  Donate now.  Any amount helps.



Why TreesUpstate?  The impact.  Trees are a local carbon offset!

One mature canopy tree can remove the equivalent of about 11,000 miles of car emissions, each year.  And we’ve planted and given away over 16,000 trees!

  • 16,000 x 11,000 = 176 million
  • Together, we’re making an impact.
  • At maturity the trees we’ve already planted and given away can remove the equivalent of 176 million miles of car emissions.

We invite you to join us.  Make an impact.  It’s easy.  One 15-gallon tree costs us about $250 to plant.  We raise every $1 we have.  The more $ we have, the more trees we can plant, water, and maintain.  Make a donation today.  Any amount helps us have clean air, cooler temperatures, blue skies, reduced stormwater runoff, and so much more.