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What are Tree Keepers?

Tree Keepers are industry professionals and community members who have have taken a 5 week training class on Urban Forestry, Tree Planting, and Tree Care.

Why Tree Keepers?

A healthy urban forest begins with proper tree planting and continues with proper mulching and long term tree care.

Mature trees provide economic, environmental, and public health benefits.  We need newly planted and established trees to thrive, grow, and survive.

Trees that are properly planted, mulched, and cared for will live longer.

The Professional Tree Keepers Course includes:
  • Tree ID
  • Tree Biology
  • Soils, Nutrition, and Fertilization
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Recognizing Tree Hazards & Risks
  • Site Analysis
  • Species Selection
  • Tree Installation and Establishment
  • Pruning
  • Long Term Tree Care
Who should take the Professional Tree Keepers Course?

The Professional Tree Keeper Course is designed for anyone whose job responsibilities include tree planting and tree care.    This includes and is not limited to:  landscapers, plant engineers, grounds maintenance crews, tree care professionals, certified arborists (ISA CEU’s are available), landscape architects, landscape planners, builders, developers, and property management staff.

Why should I take the Professional Tree Keeper Course?

All industry professionals who complete the course will earn a Certificate of Completion and be recognized on our website for 2 years after your last Tree Keeper Course or Focus Session.

As a recognized Professional Tree Keeper, you have permission to use our Tree Keeper Logo.  This will promote the fact that you were trained on the industry standards for tree planting, care, and maintenance.  Not everyone in the industry plants and cares for trees properly.  Your Tree Keeper status will set you apart.

TreesUpstate receives regular requests from Greenville County residents for recomendations on tree care professionals and landscapers.  We will promote the Professional Tree Keepers who have completed our training course.

Tree Keeper Focus Sessions will be available throughout the year.  These 2 hour focus sessions include and are not limited to: refresher courses on Professional Tree Keeper topics, more in depth training on Tree Keeper topics, Construction & Tree Preservation, Nursery Stock Selection, Soil & Fertilization, etc.

The Cost

The Professional Tree Keeper Cost is $50 per person.

If you would like to schedule a Professional Tree Keeper Course at your location for all of your employees, call 864-313-0765 or email Joelle Teachey (TreesUpstate Executive Director) or Karen Hauck (Trees SC Executive Director) for Company Tree Keeper Rates.