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Does your neighborhood need Energy Saving Trees?

Any neighborhood in Greenville, Spartanburg, Pickens, Anderson, or Oconee County can apply to host an Energy Saving Tree Giveaway for your neighborhood.

It’s easy!

Step 1:  Apply to be the Resident Coordinator and submit an application for your neighborhood.

Step 2:  If your neighborhood is accepted, we will create a registration form for your neighbors to complete.  Invite your neighbors to participate!  We need a minimum of 15 residents to sign up to set a date for your neighborhood pick-up event.

Step 3: Host a community tree planting in your neighborhood.

Who can apply?  Any neighborhood can apply in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, or Oconee County.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Neighborhoods are selected based on 1). Need, 2).  There is little to no existing tree canopy, and 3). The existing tree canopy is mature and aging out.

What size are the trees we giveaway?  They are a mix of 3-gallon and 7-gallon trees. Container size are subject to nursery availability.

What kind of trees do you give away?  An example of trees available that you may choose from include:  flowering dogwood, serviceberry, eastern redbud, red maple, american hornbeam, black tupelo, oaks, and tulip poplar.  Species are