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A wonderful way to honor a special life.

Finding the right way to recognize a friend or family member can often be very difficult. Words often don’t seem to say enough, but attaching those thoughts to a living tree can give them special meaning. Trees represent the continuing cycle of life, and contributing to a Living Legacy tree can be an ideal way to share in that precious gift. 

DSC_4207Tree Tribute: $25

A Tree Tribute donation is a unique and meaningful way to mark a special occasion. For each $25, a card will be sent to each person you indicate that announces that a gift has been made to the TreesUpstate Living Legacy Fund. Your Tree Tribute will support the Living Legacy Fund which allows us to plant legacy trees throughout Greenville County. A Legacy Tree is a tree that will live more than 100 years, such as an oak, maple or poplar. I would like to make a Tree Tribute donation!

DSC_9472Living Legacy Tree: $200

Donations made to the Living Legacy Fund as memorials and honorariums help support our tree plantings.  The trees planted are species that can live 100 years or more, such as an oak or a southern magnolia.  All memorial and honorarium trees are planted as groves.  If you check back with us during our planting season, which is October – March, we can tell you which sites are being planted as Living Legacy Groves. Honor the life of someone special or celebrate a special occasion by planting a native tree. This contribution will fund the planting of a Legacy Tree, such as an oak, maple or poplar, which will live more than 100 years.   The tree will also be watered and maintained for two years by staff, volunteers and site partners to ensure it lives for over 100 years. Also, a card will be mailed to the person of your choice letting them know you made this special living legacy gift.  To purchase a Living Legacy Tree, simply click here!

 Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my Living Legacy Tree be planted? Can I choose the location?

Your Living Legacy Tree will be planted in a park, school or neighborhood in and around Greenville County.  At this time we are unable to place markers or identifiers on trees nor can we tell you the exact location of the tree.  However,  if you dedicate more than one Living Legacy Tree to one recipient they will be planted together.  We do encourage all tree dedicators and recipients to come to our tree planting events. To see our upcoming tree planting events, simply click here.

Can you tell me more about the tree and tree care?

Living Legacy Trees planted are no smaller than a 15 gallon container tree.  Depending on the site selected, they may be 2 to 3 inch caliper field grown trees.  The Living Legacy Tree donation level includes:  site selection and planning, tree planting, mulch and amendments, 2 years of watering, spring fertilization, and a one-year guarantee (if the tree fails within the first year because of a pest it will be replaced).

I am interested in placing a large order of Tree Tributes, is the internet the easiest way to place it?

You can order 3 Tree Tributes through our secure website. Please use “other” and enter donation amount.  Example:  3 Tree Tributes x $25 = $75.  You can enter additional recipient’s addresses in the “message to recipient” text box.  If you would like to place an order of 4 or more Tree Tributes, please contact Courtney Rambo 864.884.2675 to coordinate details.

Can I make a dedication for other occasions besides a memorial?

Tree Tributes and Living Legacy Trees can be made to commemorate any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, births and much, much more.

Additional Questions?

Contact Courtney Rambo, Sustainability Director at 864.884.2675 or Courtney@treesupstate.org

Download Our Living Legacy Flyer Here